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hello energy is a Rotterdam-based startup in proptech consisting of 13 people. Our product is installed in over 10 countries and 1.000 buildings. Many global real estate companies trust on hello energy software, like Prologis, citizenM, Syntrus Achmea, Bouwinvest & M&G Real Estate.

We help them to meet their sustainable challenges by collecting data from many different sources and create data-driven content to visualise on all kinds of devices.

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Our mission

With a passion for sustainability and a new vision on energy, hello energy was founded in 2016 by Kees van Alphen and Benno Schwarz.

By creating the smartest software tool, we intend
to give actionable insights to non-technical people managing a building (e.g. asset manager, tenant and property manager). And help users of the building to join as well.

Our dream

hello energy wants to create energy-positive buildings. Meaning buildings that generate more energy than they use and where people bring positive energy to the building.

Did you know that buildings consume about 40% of world’s total carbon emission? And we still need to save this planet. By creating buildings where people are happy, positive to the transition and ready for dialogue about sustainability, we can really have smart buildings that generate more energy than they use. 

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